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Everything you need to know about our carpet cleaners, carpet cleaning and carpet care.

Here's what to expect from your expert local carpet cleaners.

Step1. We will thoroughly dry vacuum your carpets.

Step 2. At this stage if there is any staining this will be treated using one of a range of stain removers we carry for specialised treatment.

Step 3. Now your carpets will be pre-sprayed and heavily soiled areas will be brush agitated.

Step 4. Next your carpets will be systematically cleaned with our Soil Extractor machine which combines cleaning with powerful extraction of dirt and dust etc. Your carpet will only be slightly damp and should dry out in 2-4 hours.

Step 5. It’s now time to enjoy your beautifully fresh, professionally cleaned carpet!

We are confident you will be delighted with your newly cleaned carpets. We already have many satisfied customers who return every year or so, to keep there carpets clean, while at the same time extending their carpets life!

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All Your Carpet Cleaning Questions Answered

How often should my carpets be cleaned?

Most manufacture’s recommend carpets are cleaned every 12 -18 months. Carpets should be cleaned on a regular basis as this considerably extends its life.

Will my carpets re-soil quicker after cleaning?

We only use chemicals and detergents that are manufactured to the highest possible standards and designed for use with our machines. This means cleaning using our system will not lead to rapid re-soil which may happen if chemicals not especially manufactured for carpet cleaning are used.

I have children/pets will they be affected by the chemicals used?

Health and safety is our priority so we only use chemicals that comply with all health and safety regulations. All the chemicals we use are rigorously tested. It is advisable however to keep pets and children off the carpet while still damp to prevent slipping or re-soiling of the carpet before it is dry.

How long will my carpet take to dry?

Carpet drying times depend on lots of different things -how heavily the carpet is soiled, how much water is used to remove soiling, the weather etc, in most cases the carpet will be dry within 6-8 hours.

Will all the stains come out?

No guarantee can be made that any particular stain can be removed. Some stains permanently damage the carpet fibres and no stain removal will work. We use various chemicals for different stains. Most times these are successful. We can always discuss the success rate so please feel free to call.

Will I have to move my furniture?

Yes. We are happy to help move furniture where possible but do ask that if anything is particularly valuable that you make arrangements to move these.

Now there's a good reason to use our professional carpet cleaners.

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